Our company

Enrutamos SAS servicio de transporte especial

Our company

Enrutamos S.A.S was created on September 25, 2009, with the purpose of offering integral solutions in the provision of special transport services for passengers, Business, Tourism, School and Institutional and cargo transport.

Corporate Values


Doing things right and before others, always directed to the fulfillment of the company’s policies, being productive and competitive, generating better opportunities for social and business growth.


To generate quality of life for the work team, providing better tools in pursuit of comprehensive quality, so that the organization’s own objectives are met.


To satisfy our customers, always seeking to exceed their expectations, in order to improve our services in accordance with market requirements aimed at positioning our brand.


We act with transparency and honesty, always with the truth, in balance and integrity, highlighting the respect that supports the fair treatment to empower through the empowerment of our team, leadership, sense of belonging and commitment to the company, employees and customers.

Company Policies

ENRUTAMOS S.A.S is a company that provides public service of land transportation in special mode for business personnel, tourism, specific group of users, school, health service users and cargo; committed to identifying and satisfying the needs and requirements of our customers, through the maintenance and continuous improvement of the integrated system of quality management, health and safety at work and environment, as well as ensuring the competence and welfare of our human talent from the promotion of quality of life at work, prevention of accidents, occupational diseases, property damage, socio-environmental impacts, the continuous identification and control of priority risks, compliance with applicable legal requirements, business growth of the company, as well as ensuring that our stakeholders know and understand our policies and our customers.

Strategic platform


We are a company dedicated to providing land transportation services in the special modes of passengers and cargo, with vehicular excellence, achieving efficiency and profitability through our processes and contributing to environmental conservation and socio-economic development of the region, committed to identifying and meeting the needs and requirements of our stakeholders.


ENRUTAMOS S.A.S Transport company projects to be for the year 2025 leader in the regional market characterized for offering our users an excellent Service of public automotive terrestrial transport in Special modality and Cargo

The above as a result of the implementation of high quality standards that among others respond to the preservation of the environment, generating a business identity associated with the strengthening of citizen culture in terms of road safety, consolidating and analyzing performance indicators related to transport; generating plans or strategies for continuous improvement through the quality and reliability of our services, professionalism of our people, innovation of our processes, satisfying customer needs with a staff trained to provide comprehensive solutions that generate welfare, commitment and teamwork. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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