Enrutamos SAS servicio de transporte especial

Transportation Services

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We route offers the best Services of special transport of passengers and load at national and international level. It also has a specialized team committed to high quality vehicles

Cargo Transport

We offer a loading service specialized in the care of your goods. We guarantee at all times an efficient and timely service under a comprehensive quality management system adopted by all our staff

The loading service offers you

→ Intermediation and accompaniment in Customs
→ We have trained personnel in air, sea and land cargo transportation
→ Constant monitoring of goods

Business Transport

Business transportation is aimed at organizations that are located inside and outside the city of Medellin, which provide their employees with a route strategically planned by our team.

The business transport line offers

→ Corporate transport to your workplaces
→ Executive transfer from and to the airport
→ Events or trips at national level

School and Institutional Transportation

Thanks to the quality of its vehicles, Enrutamos SAS is one of the main transport service providers to institutions in Medellin, its Metropolitan area and also a large part of the national territory

The school and institutional line offers you

→ Transportation to events or travel nationally
→ Educational outings for the various institutions and universities
→ Strategically planned student routes.

Tourist Transport

We have a wide range of regional, national and international destinations. Therefore enter our tourism websitewhereyou will find great tourist offers.

Our Tourism service offers

We offer customized plans at regional, national and international levels 
Management of formalities such as VISA, passport, medical assistance and legal documentation of the destination
→  Tours to different destinations in Colombia and around the world.

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